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When things run smoothly, everybody wins. That’s why we’ve created simple and reliable solutions – from instruments and accessories to software to service and support – all to help you minimize downtime and maximize lab efficiency.

For more than 60 years, we’ve provided robust, easy-to-use solutions for lubricant analysis. And that promise continues. Whether you’re conducting wear and additive metals analysis, lubricant chemistry, or contamination testing, our end-to-end solutions enable you to improve your laboratory throughput and increase value to customers.

Not only do lubricants keep machines moving efficiently, but our lubricant testing solutions keep your lab running smoothly, too.

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Wear and Additive Metals Analysis

Benefits of analysis with the OilPrep™ 8 Oil Diluter and Avio® 500 ICP-OES ...

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Lubricant Chemistry

Benefits of analysis with the Spectrum Two IR and the OilExpress™ include: ...

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Contamination Testing

Benefits of analysis with the TurboMatrix™ HS and Clarus® 590/690 GC includ ...

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Featured Products


Partner with us and give your laboratory the benefits of cutting-edge instr ...

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Avio 500 ICP-OES Oils Configuration

PerkinElmer’s new Avio® 500 is a truly simultaneous, dual view, and compact ...

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OilPrep 8 Oil Diluter

The OilPrep™ 8 is an automated high-throughput 8-tip oil dilution system wh ...

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OilExpress 4

OilExpress™ 4 system delivers highly automated, rapid, reliable oil conditi ...

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Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

Easy to use, powerful, compact and robust – Spectrum Two™ is the FT-IR spec ...

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Clarus 590 GC

With its new high performance features, our robust Clarus® 590 GC offers im ...

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Clarus 690 GC

Designed for fast-paced, high-volume laboratories that need to increase ana ...

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Laboratory Services

Stay focused on research while keeping your lab up and running, and staffed ...

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PerkinElmer’s Informatics solutions empower customers to gain critical insi ...

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