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OneSource Laboratory Services

Stay focused on research while keeping your lab up and running, and staffed with customized expert solutions across all functional levels of operation. PerkinElmer OneSource® services drive greater outcomes and scientific discovery.

Instrument Services

Get the most out of your instruments, systems, processes and data. OneSource instrument services, including comprehensive Instrument Service & Repair, Asset Management and Analytics Services, you have the information you need, in a format you need it, to maximize your lab's productivity.

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Compliance Services

Rely on OneSource Laboratory Compliance Services to give you greater confidence knowing that your lab is operating within global regulatory requirements. By consolidating with one provider and harmonizing your protocols under a single Validation Master Plan (VMP), our OneSource Universal Operational Qualification (UOQ) framework delivers an automated approach to testing, documentation and compliance, streamlining processes across all major models of laboratory instrumentation, regardless of vendor.

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Scientific Services

Keep your scientists focused on research and discovery, not on laboratory operations and instrument maintenance. OneSource qualified technicians become a trusted member of your team for instrument inspection, calibration and other lab activities, improving your productivity and outcomes with reliable data and compliance.

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Information Services

Partner with OneSource Lab Computing Analysts to ensure lab instruments and information technology are always connected.

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Relocation Services

You need experienced project managers and multivendor engineers to handle all of the details of your laboratory relocation – ensuring all major assets are tested and verified before and after your move. OneSource Laboratory Services can help.

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Training and Education Services

Get the most from your PerkinElmer instrument platform by learning from the experts. We offer basic and advanced training at your facility as well as classroom training to broaden your knowledge, share with fellow researchers, and learn from field application scientists.

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