Laboratory Instrument Qualification

OneSource® offers both automated and traditional paper qualification methods and our standard recommended OQ protocols can be customized to your specifications. Our service engineers test instruments against approved specifications and provide final qualification reports using easy-to-review layouts in paper and secure electronic format.

Suited for any size laboratory, our instrument qualification offerings will keep you on the path to an efficient, compliant lab.

Automated Qualification

The OneSource universal operational qualification (UOQ) is designed to streamline documentation across all major models of laboratory instruments, regardless of manufacturer:

  • Simplified OQ with uniform reports
  • Existing data acquisition system
  • Automated
  • Encrypted secure reporting

Traditional Paper Qualification

As an integral part of the OneSource compliance services portfolio and lab efficiency path, we offer a number of traditional application-based qualification protocols and services ensuring consistent, reliable and accurate data with instrument qualification services.

  • Qualification protocols using calibration standards
  • Applications-based custom protocol development
  • Execution of customer developed protocols
  • IQ/OQ/PQ protocols library

Automated Qualification

Traditional Paper Qualification


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