Infrared (IR)


For accurate, reliable analytical results in fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy, look no further than our wide range of instruments that cover near-, mid-, and far-infrared regions.

  • Superior spectroscopic performance in demanding applications
  • Fully integrated, robust universal sampling for trouble-free measurements
  • Unrivalled flexibility -- we offer a unique selection of specialized application accessories in addition to standard sampling options
  • Portability options are ideal for use in laboratory or remote-testing environment
  • Surprisingly simple to upgrade in the field, the optical system can be configured to use microscopy and imaging systems
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Intuitive software

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  • Accessories (3)
  • Consumables (55)
  • Instruments (21)
  • Software and Informatics (1)
Product Brand Name
  • DairyGuard (2)
  • Frontier (6)
  • Gas Purifier (2)
  • Lumina (2)
  • OilExpress (1)
  • PerkinElmer (1)
  • Spectrum Two (8)
  • Spectrum Two N (2)
  • Spotlight (3)
  • Red (1)
  • Aluminum (5)
  • Barium Fluoride (1)
  • Calcium Fluoride (2)
  • Ceramic (1)
  • Diamond (1 Reflection) (1)
  • Glass (1)
  • Potassium Bromide (1)
  • PTFE (5)
  • PTFE/Buytl (1)
  • PVC (1)
  • Quartz (1)
  • Santoprene (1)
  • Viton® (1)
Volume Capacity
  • 125 mL (1)
  • 30 µL (1)
  • 40 µL (1)
  • 50 µL (2)
  • 500 mL (1)
  • Pure (1)
Cap and Carrier Style
  • Crimp Top (1)
  • 10 µg/mL (1)
  • 1000 µg/mL (1)
  • 30.0 cm (9)
  • 57.0 cm (2)
  • 60.0 cm (7)
Inner Diameter
  • 0.38 mm (1)
  • 1 mm (1)
  • 1.30 mm (1)
  • 1.65 mm (1)
  • 13 mm (1)
  • 2 mm (1)
  • 20 mm (1)
  • 51-100 (1)
Model Compatible With
  • AAnalyst (2)
  • Avio (1)
  • DairyGuard (1)
  • Diamond DSC, Pyris 1 DSC, DSC 7, DSC 6, Pyris 6 DSC, Jade DSC (2)
  • Diamond DSC, Pyris 1 DSC, DSC 7, DSC 6, Pyris 6 DSC, Jade DSC, DSC -4 RS (1)
  • Dispersive Instruments (1)
  • DSC 4000, DSC 6000, DSC 8000, DSC 8500, Diamond DSC, Pyris 1 DSC, DSC 7, DSC 6, Pyris 6 DSC, Jade DSC (1)
  • Frontier (2)
  • FT-IR (1)
  • Optima 4300 V (1)
  • Optima 5300 V (1)
  • Optima 7300 V (1)
  • PinAAcle (2)
  • Pyris 1, DSC 7 RS, DSC -4 RS, Diamond DSC, DSC 8000, DSC 8500 (1)
  • Spectrum 100 (3)
  • Spectrum 100N (1)
  • Spectrum 400 (3)
  • Spectrum 65 (3)
  • Spectrum One (3)
  • Spectrum One NTS (1)
  • Spectrum Two (1)
  • STA 6000, TGA 4000 (1)
Number of Elements
  • Multiple (1)
  • Single (3)
Outer Diameter
  • 13 mm (1)
  • 2 in (2)
  • 4 mm (1)
Product Group
  • Application Pack (7)
  • Cap/Septa (1)
  • Circular Cell (2)
  • Covers (1)
  • Cylindrical Cell (3)
  • Field Spares (1)
  • Gas/Liquid Separator and Replacement Parts (1)
  • Heatable Transmission Accessory (1)
  • HGA Graphite Tubes (1)
  • Hollow Cathode Lamp (HCL) (2)
  • Infrared Windows (1)
  • Inorganic (2)
  • Instrument (7)
  • KBr Press (2)
  • NIRM Accessory (1)
  • O-Rings (1)
  • Petri Dishes (1)
  • Rectangular Cell (8)
  • Sample Cup (1)
  • Sample Pans (5)
  • Sampling Supplies (1)
  • Shoe (2)
  • Sponges and Cloths (1)
  • THGA Graphite Contact Cylinders (1)
  • Torches (1)
  • Two-Stop (3)
  • UATR Accessory (1)
  • Ultra Clean Filter (2)
Standard Type
  • Multi-Element (1)
  • Single-Element (1)
  • Crimp Top (1)
  • Flared (1)
  • Integrated Platform (1)
  • Standard (2)
  • Infrared (IR) (19)
  • IR (2)
  • Thermal Analysis (1)
Technology Type
  • AA (3)
  • Atomic Absorption (AA) (2)
  • ATR (3)
  • Diffuse Reflectance (1)
  • DSC (5)
  • FT-IR (2)
  • FT-IR Spectroscopy (2)
  • FT-NIR (2)
  • Headspace (1)
  • ICP-OES (1)
  • Packed Clear (1)
  • Peristaltic Pump Tubing (3)
  • TGA (1)
  • Tubing Kits and Spares (IR) (1)
  • 0.2 (2)
  • 0.5 (1)
  • 1.0 (1)
  • 3-Slot (1)
  • Oxygen,Moisture,Hydrocarbon (1)
  • Standard (3)

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  • Spectrum Two N FT-NIR Spectrometer

    Spectrum Two N FT-NIR Spectrometer

    The Spectrum Two N is a high-performance, yet robust and transportable FT-NIR system platform enabling simple, reliable NIR analyses. It’s the perfect system for labs that need to combine high-end performance with the ease-of-use features of a portable instrument, allowing users with different levels of expertise, from novice to seasoned professionals, to be proficient with it in no time.
  • Spotlight 200i FT-IR Microscope

    Spotlight 200i FT-IR Microscopy System

    Spotlight 200i FTIR Microscope System is a high-performance microscopy platform, designed to generate high-quality, reproducible data from a variety of sample types.
  • Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

    Spectrum Two Pharmaceutical System

    Reduce the burden of compliance with the Spectrum Two Pharmaceutical System, and benefit from fast and easy analyses.

  • Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

    Spectrum Two In-Service Lubricant Analysis System

    The method-ready In-Service Lubricants Analysis System provides everything you need to analyze samples to industry standards, following ASTM and JOAP methodology. Remarkably easy to use, you can be confident in generating consistent quality spectra.

  • Spotlight 400 FT-IR Imaging System

    Spotlight 400 FT-IR Imaging System

    Spotlight IR microscope systems are designed to meet the challenges of an expanding laboratory by generating high-quality, reproducible data from a variety of sample types. The Spotlight 400 FT-IR Imaging System combines high sensitivity and rapid imaging with ease-of-use. The ability to image large sample areas rapidly at high spatial resolution extends FT-IR microscopy into new applications.
  • Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

    Spectrum Two Educational System

    The high performance Spectrum Two IR spectrometer combined with the Educational Resource Pack provides a truly comprehensive solution for students and researchers alike.

  • Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

    Spectrum Two Nutraceutical & TCM System

    Easy, fast, and compliant materials testing of nutraceuticals is surprisingly simple with Spectrum Two and the Nutraceuticals QA/QC Resource Pack. A comprehensive suite of documents makes it easier to meet strict pharmacopeia requirements.

  • PerkinElmer

    DairyGuard Milk Powder Analyzer

    DairyGuard™ Milk Powder Analyzer applies advanced algorithms to screen for known and unknown economic adulterants in milk powder, as well as performing the same fast measurements routinely used for protein, moisture, and fat monitoring today. 
  • Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

    Spectrum Two Polymer QA/QC Analysis System

    Rapid testing of your polymer material is refreshingly easy with this out-of-the-box polymer analysis system. A combination of ready-made protocols, a materials library, and the easy-to-use system ensures swift identification of your materials.

  • Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

    Spectrum Two IR Biodiesel Analysis System

    This method-ready fuels analysis system provides everything you need to analyze samples to industry standards, following ASTM and EN methodology. Compact, robust, and completely transportable, samples can be run on the Spectrum Two either in the laboratory or out in the field.

  • Frontier Biodiesel FAME Analyzer

    The Biodiesel FT-IR FAME Analyzer is comprised of a Frontier FT-IR spectrometer, a UATR or HATR accessory, and Spectrum 10 software configured specifically for biodiesel FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) analysis using the ASTM D7371-07 and EN 14078:2003 methodologies.

  • Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

    Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

    Easy to use, powerful, compact and robust – Spectrum Two is the FT-IR spectrometer of choice for everyone, everywhere. With fully integrated, robust universal sampling for trouble-free measurements and portability options, Spectrum Two is ideal for use in both laboratory and remote testing environments. Ideally suited to everyday analysis, you can confidently perform fast, accurate IR analysis and assure the quality of your materials across a wide range of applications.
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  • Brochure

    OilExpress 4 Oil Condition Monitoring System

    The OilExpress 4 system adapts to your laboratory’s needs, from dozens to thousands of samples per day. Its modular design makes it possible to scale up your sample throughput or separately utilize the oil dilution capabilities in busy laboratories that are using ICP analysis. The system minimizes your operational costs by reducing instrument downtime, increasing throughput to reduce cost per sample, and offering significant savings from decreased solvent waste.

  • Product Note

    Rapid, Cost-Effective Oil Condition Monitoring -- Spectrum OilExpress System

    Designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Caterpillar® S.O.SSM program, the JOAP program, and the new ASTM® Methods D7412, D7414, D7415, D7418, Spectrum™ OilExpress is the fastest, most cost-effective Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) solution for busy test laboratories. OilExpress also uses less than half the solvent required by competing systems, dramatically reducing day-to-day operating costs and making laboratories more competitive.

  • Guide

    Safeguarding the Authenticity of Herbs & Spices

    Infrared (IR) and near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy are fast, easy-to-use techniques with a history of being used for food applications such as those for measuring protein, moisture, and fat content. Food fraud and adulteration has become of particular concern to the industry over the past few years following reports of incidents in the media, with herbs and spices identified as one of the key problem areas.

  • Application Note

    Analysis of Bioethanol Impurities with the Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

    The intensifying global emphasis on developing sustainable fuel supplies has led to increasing use of fuels derived from biological sources. In this note we show that the Spectrum Two™ FT-IR spectrometer (Figure 1) can be used to develop a quantitative method with sufficient sensitivity to meet the required detection limits for methanol, water, C3–C5 alcohols and gasoline denaturant, while requiring less than two minutes of analysis time per sample.

  • Application Note

    Determining the Source Oil of Biodiesel with Infrared Spectroscopy

    Infrared spectroscopy is particularly suitable for the identification of materials, even when the differences between the materials are subtle variations in complex mixtures. In this note we demonstrate that biodiesel from several common feedstocks can be distinguished on the basis of absorption bands arising from double bonds in the fatty acid chains.

  • Application Note

    Diamond ATR and Calibration Transfer for Biodiesel-Blend Analysis by ASTM D7371

    Biodiesel is seldom used neat (B100), typically being blended with fossil diesel at ratios from 5% v/v (B5) to 30% v/v (B30). Verifying the FAME content of diesel-fuel blends is an important aspect of quality control and auditing of blending and distribution operations. Because FAME has a strong infrared absorption at 1745 cm-1 due to the ester carbonyl group, infrared spectroscopy is an excellent technique for this analysis, and there are EN and ASTM® standard test methods describing the procedure

  • Application Note

    A Comparison of Two FT-NIR Sampling Techniques for SIMCA Classification of Spectroscopically Similar Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

    NIR Spectroscopy is a useful technique for raw materials identification and verification, but the sophistication of the technique might differ based on the sample. If the materials to be identified are spectroscopically dissimilar, it is often only necessary to use a simple distance measure such as a spectral difference for identification. If the spectra are similar, on the other hand, it may be necessary to use more sophisticated techniques which take into consideration both the intra- and inter-material spectral variation for identification and classification. The SIMCA (Soft Independent Modelling of Class Analogy) algorithm, a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) method, provides such an example.

  • Application Note

    A novel method (TG-IR) for the rapid determination of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil

    A gas chromatographic analysis of the extract can provide even greater sensitivity and more detailed compositional information, but further increases the time required for the analysis. Thermogravimetric analysis coupled to infrared spectroscopy (TG-IR) can provide detailed information about the amount and nature of the pollution, while requiring no sample preparation at all. This application note illustrates the kind of data that can be obtained with a modern TG-IR system.

  • Application Note

    Augmenting Standard Methods of Measuring Airborne PM2.5 Using IR Imaging

    The use of IR imaging expands the measurement possibilities by giving information about the individual types of materials present in the collected particles. The information from the IR imaging experiment is not only qualitative (i.e. identification of the particulates), but can also be calibrated to give quantitative information on the components present. The IR imaging measurement will take only five minutes, whereas Ion Chromatography requires solvent extraction of the particulates and would take around 20-25 minutes per sample

  • Application Note

    Cavity-enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy for Trace Gas Detection with Frontier

    Cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy (CEAS) has similarities with the better known cavity ringdown technique (CRDS) which measures the signal decay as a laser pulse emerges through one of the mirrors after successive reflections. By measuring the increase in the rate of decay caused by an absorbing species, CRDS can measure ppb concentrations of small molecules. The ringdown technique has typically been applied to small molecules where the wavelength of a NIR laser source can be tuned across very narrow individual lines of the spectra. In contrast this report describes CEAS using a broadband source applied to larger molecules where the spectra are broader.

  • Application Note

    Determination of Oil Content in Membranes Used in Compressed Air Sampling by Infrared Spectroscopy

    This note describes the test method for the quantitative analysis of aerosol oil and liquid oil typically present in the air discharged from compressors and compressed air systems. The method is rapid, sensitive and cost effective and shows the FT-IR can be an effective tool for the monitoring of oil content. The methodology followed for the analysis by FT-IR is reported in Bureau of Indian Standard and we have also tested for its ruggedness, spike recovery, linearity and detection limits.

  • Application Note

    Discrimination of Herbal Lifestyle Products Using AssureID SIMCA and COMPARE Algorithms

    Herbal lifestyle products are widely used as alternatives to medicines around the world, with as many as 80% of people using them as a primary source of healthcare in developing countries. These treatments are commonly regarded by scientific papers, and on some occasions the media, as being inferior to orthodox treatment. This is due to the variation between herbal formulations which will not be present in so called ‘single-chemical’ drugs. The reasons for the aforementioned variation involve several factors including storage, environmental conditions, handling and unintentional or intentional contamination (adulteration).

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