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Analyze even the most complex multimodality data with ease. Our portfolio of in vivo imaging software features intuitive interfaces and workflows that streamline high throughput data analysis to expedite turnaround from acquisition to presentation or publication.

Choose Living Image® or TrueQuant software for 2D and 3D optical imaging analysis with co-registration. Our AccuCT™ advanced bone analysis software provides an automated solution for microCT analysis and visualization, while Analyze provides a suite of tools for advanced image analysis. 

Living Image for IVIS Platform Data Analysis

  • 2D bioluminescence and fluorescence image analysis with specific longitudinal data analysis tools including intuitive Region of Interest (ROI) tool to facilitate quick and easy quantitation of your absolutely calibrated data.
  • Patented Compute Pure Spectra Algorithms allow you to generate and save custom probe libraries for sensitive spectral unmixing analysis.
  • 3D bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging data generation and analysis with One Click 3D reconstructions, 3D ROI, visualization and animation tools.
  • Multimodality Module plugin streamlines co-registration and segmentation of DICOM and/or VOX file formats such as those acquired using Quantum GX microCT, G8 PET/CT or third party imaging platforms.

TrueQuant Data Analysis for the FMT Platform

  • 3D fluorescence image acquisition software with streamlined 3D analysis and visualization tools
  • Support for DICOM import and co-registration from multiple modalities

AccuCT Advanced Bone Analysis Software Designed for the Quantum Platform

  • Automated bone detection and segmentation
  • Simple click-through workflow for ASBMR morphometry analysis
  • Calibrate your data for BMD analysis

Analyze for microCT Data Analysis

  • Powerful, comprehensive visualization and analysis suite for multi-dimensional data
  • Segment, co-register and analyze data from most imaging modalities

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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  • Multimodality imaging PET, microCT, FLIT, using VivoQuant

    Multimodality Imaging Software Solutions

    When Modalities Combine You See Disease In All Its Dimensions

    Maximize your data and gain unique insights into your research by combining images from multiple modalities, including optical, microCT, and PET. Co-registration allows researchers to overlay images from multiple imaging modalities, providing more comprehensive insight into the molecular and anatomical features of a model subject.
  • MicroCT Imaging Bone segmentation using AccuCT Software

    AccuCT microCT Analysis Software

    Advanced Bone Analysis for Quantum microCT Imaging Systems

    With AccuCT™ advanced microCT imaging software, researchers can perform ASBMR (American Society for Bone and Mineral Research) bone morphometry and BMD (Bone Mineral Density) analysis on data acquired on their Quantum (FX and GX) microCT system with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Separation bone and vascular contrast agent using Living Image

    Living Image Software – IVIS Spectrum Series

    Advanced Acquisition and Analysis Tools for IVIS® Spectrum Imaging Systems

    Living Image® advanced in vivo imaging software designed for the IVIS Spectrum platform simplifies even the most complex image acquisition and analysis of bioluminescent and fluorescent probes. The Living Image software version for the IVIS Spectrum platform includes all 2D features of the IVIS Lumina software but adds 3D data analysis including optical tomography and co-registration with other modalities, Living Image in vivo imaging software sets the industry standard for ease of use and flexibility.
  • Mice imaging using IVIS Lumina and Living Image Software

    Living Image Software – IVIS Lumina Series

    Advanced Acquisition and Analysis Tools for IVIS® Lumina Imaging Systems

    Living Image® advanced in vivo imaging software designed for the IVIS Lumina platform simplifies even the most complex image acquisition and analysis of 2D bioluminescent and fluorescent probes. With streamlined interfaces and workflows for longitudinal analysis of 2D data including co-registration with X-ray in applicable IVIS Lumina systems, Living Image in vivo imaging software sets the industry standard for ease of use and flexibility.
  • Fluorescence tomograhy of mouse analyzed with TrueQuant

    TrueQuant Imaging Software

    Fluorescence Tomography Acquisition and Analysis for FMT Platform

    TrueQuant software makes 3D fluorescence tomography easy with streamlined tools for data management, automatic reconstruction, and high throughput data analysis.

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  • Application Note

    MicroCT Investigation of Bone Erosion and Deformation in an Osteoarthritic Rat Model

    Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis and affects a considerable portion of the elderly population. In the U.S., it is estimated that more than 630 million people worldwide have this chronic condition, generally in the knees. OA occurs when the cartilage that cushions the ends of bones within the joints gradually deteriorates, causing synovitis and joint deformation.

    The goal of OA research is to identify new therapeutic strategies that could prevent, reduce, halt progression, or repair the existing damage to the joint. Non-invasive in vivo imaging such as microCT is the standard modality for bone research due to its ability to obtain high-resolution images at an x-ray dose low enough as not to harm the animal. This makes microCT ideal for monitoring disease progression and response to treatments in the same animal over time. However, microCT data visualization and analysis can be cumbersome and time consuming. In this application note, we compared standard microCT software and advanced bone software to investigate bone erosion in an OA rat model.