Histological Analysis


Expand your lab’s ability to determine the nature and cause of disease with outsourced histological analysis services from PerkinElmer.

  • Image Analysis and Acquisition
  • Tissue Microarraying
  • Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH)
  • Histology and Staining

Image Acquisition and Analysis

PerkinElmer's Contract Research Services’ wide array of imaging solutions automates not only the acquisition of the images but also the data analysis and interpretation using powerful segmentation and analysis software. This increases the throughput and reproducibility of your measurements and provides you with unbiased, statistically relevant results.

We use the most advanced imaging instruments, which accurately and quantitatively measure protein expression and morphometric characteristics in intact tissue sections, in distinct tissue regions of interest, on whole slides, or in TMAs. The system is well-suited to IF labels, to IHC stains, and to conventional dyes.

Our services are powered by proprietary software that enables the instruments to automate quantitative data extraction/analysis on up to 200 slides in a single batch run. Count on them for accurate quantitation of single or multiple markers in cells and tissues, and to quantitatively separate out overlapping dyes/labels.

Tissue Microarray (TMA) Services

To identify and characterize molecular targets, validate their clinical relevance in multiple tissue samples, and correlate the results with clinical outcomes, we provide high throughput and uniform analyses of single/multiple biomarker expression on large number of tissue samples through our Tissue Microarray (TMA) Services.

By putting hundreds of minute tissue samples on a single TMA block, we overcome limitations including limited patient sample sizes and limited availability of reagents such as antibodies. Our TMA-based services also allow for the study of sample heterogeneity by quantifying markers at various parts of a tissue sample or among samples. Such analysis provides more complete biological characterization of a drug effect and is critical for disease biomarker discovery.


Our TMA services include:


  • Design and performance of the experiment
  • Isolation of specific tissue samples and tissue processing
  • Tissue embedding and preparing TMA blocks
  • Tissue sectioning / TMA slide preparation
  • IHC, IF, as well as FISH analysis

Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH)

To detect and localize DNA or RNA sequences within tissues, cells, and tumors, we provide fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) services that take advantage of fluorescent probes that only bind to chromosomal regions of interest or specific mRNAs


Applications of FISH include:


  • DNA biomarker identification and quantification
  • Chromosome mapping
  • Identification of novel oncogenes
  • Detection of genetic abnormalities (gene fusions, deletions, translocations)
  • Research, diagnosis, and prognosis of genetic malignancies and tumors
  • Patterns of gene expression studies


Our FISH services cover Oligo-based mRNAs, LNA based microRNAs, fusion Oncogenes such as EML4/ALK, and more.

Histology and Staining Services

Get quantitative, multiplex biomarker data to analyze from intact tissue sections with our contract histology and staining services.

  • Design and performance of the experiments
  • Isolation of specific tissue samples and tissue processing
  • Tissue embedding (paraffin tissue blocks, frozen tissue sections, TMAs)
  • Tissue sectioning / slide preparation
  • Optimization of the antibody


In addition to conventional staining, we also contract for special staining including TUNEL (apoptotic cells), Trichrome, Hematoxylin, Eosin, and Giemsa (for differentiation of blood cells).


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Multiplexed biomarker imaging

Single/Multiplex Immunohistochemistry (IHC) & Immunofluorescence (IF)

Phenoptics multiplex IHC staining, imaging, and analysis services delivers the information you need on time, helping you to move your research to the next stage.

"Histological Analysis" 1-1 of 1 Products and Services