HCS Products

PerkinElmer provides a portfolio of products - instruments, informatics, automation and microplates - for HCA and HCS for sample types including, live cells, 3D cell models and stem cells, that can be tailored by our team of experts to meet your lab’s needs.

Instruments and Software

Operetta CLS High-Content Analysis System

Uncover deep biological understanding in your everyday assays and innovative applications using the Operetta CLS high-content analysis system. Featuring a unique combination of technologies, the system delivers all the speed, sensitivity and resolution you need to reveal fine sub-cellular details. And with our simple, powerful Harmony 4.5 software, Operetta CLS lets you find even subtle phenotypic changes.

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Opera Phenix High-Content Screening System

The Opera Phenix High Content Screening System is the premier confocal solution for today's most demanding high content applications. Drawing on over a decade of experience with the industry-leading Opera® High Content Screening System, the Opera Phenix is designed for high-throughput, phenotypic screening and assays involving complex disease models, such as live cells, primary cells and microtissues.

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Harmony High-Content Imaging and Analysis Software

Easily quantify complex cellular phenotypes with Harmony high-content analysis software. Harmony software is designed for Operetta CLS and Opera Phenix high-content screening systems.

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Our forthcoming release includes an updated version of PreciScan, which significantly reduces imaging times and data volumes for 3D cell models grown in hydrogels.

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Columbus Image Data Storage and Analysis System

Our Columbus Image Data Storage and Analysis system is an instrument agnostic image analysis and management platform. The Columbus system is the only system that provides universal high-volume image data storage and analysis and brings access to images from a wide range of sources including all major high content screening instruments.

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High Content Profiler

High Content Profiler enables screening data analysis and validation in a single easy to use platform.

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Microplates and Automation


A microplate is a critical part of your discovery process.  Microplates have the capability to generate valuable, information-rich data that bring great insights into discovery screening.

Microplate planarity and inaccurate data collection are common issues caused by microplates that are not carefully designed for the unique challenges of sample screening which can result in missed data points, sample re-screening, missed project timelines, and ultimately higher costs.

Drawing on many years of experience in high throughput screening, PerkinElmer’s expert team has developed microplates that address the most common screening challenges. Our microplates have been engineered to deliver the highest quality data for high throughput screening as well as imaging applications.

  • Footprint dimensions meet the SBS industry standard, guaranteeing compatibility with microplate-based instrumentation
  • Carefully monitored microplate planarity to ensure superb data and image acquisition
  • Custom microplate services including barcoding, custom packaging, as well as plate surface coatings to fit your application
  • Full range of validated reagents and instruments to compliment microplates

By using PerkinElmer’s microplates specifically engineered for high throughput screening and imaging applications, you can be confident that you’ll acquire high quality results providing more information-rich data and experience fewer re-screens reducing your overall screening costs.

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Integrated Laboratory Automation Solutions for Cellular Applications

PerkinElmer’s lab automation experts have extensive experience developing integrated workstations automating cell-based assays. Within-house solutions offering unbiased imaging of multiple cellular samples for high content analysis and screening, we have the scientific background to provide solutions that address the full breadth of your scientific requirements.

Examples of explorer G3 integrated workstations designed to automate cell-based assays are below.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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