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PerkinElmer offers fluorescent labeling kits and dyes that enable customized development of novel superbright fluorescent agents with properties that are ideal for in vivo optical or in vitro imaging.

Our XenoLight CF™ fluorescent labeling kits and  fluorescent dyes as well as VivoTag® fluorochromes are offered in 645nm, 680nm, 750nm and 800nm wavelengths. The superior brightness and in vivo properties of our fluorescent labeling kits and dyes are ideal for labeling and imaging of proteins, antibodies, and small molecules in a wide range of research areas. The low immunogenicity coupled with high solubility and >95% reactivity results in conjugates that are highly specific, bright and offer improved half life.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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    NIR Fluorescent Cell Labeling for In Vivo Cell Tracking (VivoTrack 680)

    Fluorescent dyes have been used for many years to label cells for microscopy studies, and a variety of dyes in the visible fluorescence spectrum are available to label different cellular compartments and organelles. Efficient delivery of the fluorophore to the cell without excessively modifying surface proteins or perturbing cell function is the major biotechnological challenge. In addition, researchers have taken on the challenge of in vivo imaging, focusing on near infrared (NIR) dyes that fluoresce in a spectral region better suited for in vivo imaging due to reduced background and higher tissue penetration.