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Our Fluorescence Spectrometers use pulsed Xenon discharge lamps, which are not only very reliable and stable, but also provide remarkable sensitivity with a peak intensity exceeding 1 KW. To maintain optimum stability and sensitivity of your instrument, installation of a new lamp by a PerkinElmer service engineer is recommended. Additionally, Xenon lamp quartz envelopes are under pressure, requiring eye protection and extreme caution in handling.

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  • PerkinElmer

    Fluoroscopy Water Standard - 10 mm

    This Fluoroscopy Water Standard is a stable sample of high-purity water, distilled, de-ionized, and out-gassed. It is vacuum sealed in a standard 10 mm quartz cuvette. It has a usable range of 250-600 nm.
    List Price : 718.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Luminescence Sample Blocks (Set of 6)

    Sample blocks provide convenient day-to-day checks for wavelength calibration and reproducibility.
    List Price : 1436.00 USD
  • Festoon Lamp for the LS Series

    Festoon Lamp

    The Festoon Lamp, 3 W is used along with the Xenon Source Lamp, 7.3 W to maintain even triggering and stability.
    List Price : 12.00 USD
  • Xenon Source Lamp

    Sources for the PerkinElmer Luminescence Spectrometers are pulsed Xenon discharge lamps (7.3 W average power at 50 Hz). This reliable source produces very little ozone or heat but provides remarkable sensitivity due to its peak intensity exceeding 1 KW! On most LS Series instruments the detector electronics are controlled so that delay and gate time can be varied to measure phosphorescence between source pulses.
    List Price : 780.00 USD