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Get the most from your PerkinElmer instrument platform by learning from the experts. We offer basic and advanced training at your facility as well as classroom training to broaden your knowledge, share with fellow researchers, and learn from field application scientists.

Basic Onsite Training

This hands-on training delivered at your facility is an ideal way to ensure operators understand the fundamentals of their instrument. Busy facilities are able to train multiple operators simultaneously to keep their labs up and running. Operators learn how to use and maintain their instruments properly right from the start.

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Advanced Onsite Training

Advanced onsite training is conducted by a specialized Field Application Scientist right in your lab. Operators receive customized training to overcome the unique challenges of your lab’s applications. Ramp up lab performance even faster by training multiple operators simultaneously.

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Classroom Training

Classroom courses are also offered at PerkinElmer Centers of Excellence located throughout the Americas, as well Seer Green, England, and Turku, Finland. Each classroom training program helps you get the most from your time in the lab, with topics ranging from important theoretical constructs to applied techniques, specific methodologies, and optimization of instruments and software.

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