Bioluminescent Substrates and Lentiviral Particles


Get the ultimate in sensitivity and reproducibility from your in vivo imaging studies with our XenoLight® bioluminescent and chemiluminescent substrates and lentivral particles. All of our substrates have been optimized and validated in a number of optical imaging applications using our industry-leading IVIS® imaging systems.

Substrates available:

  • XenoLight D-luciferin potassium salt derived from the Firefly is available in gram and higher quantities for volume saving
  • Reduce prep time and effort with pre-formulated, read-to-use injectable XenoLight RediJect™ D-luciferin or coelenterazine substrates
  • Create your own luciferase cell lines with our RediFect lentiviral particles

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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